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We turn your staffing challenges into smart development solutions in 3, 2, 1...


hired professional

Modern office, hardware, social package, team buildings, professional development, big community, perks, people partner, legal support, relocation

your company

Personal approach and Managers easy to reach

Transparent business model

YOU pay a fixed price per hired talent

WE provide a full-circle staffing service

  1. Customized staffing service

    Service specification is based on your business needs

    R&D Center
    Amount of professional required
    Customer Support Team
    QA Center
    Expending IT team
    Project specification
  2. Job descriptions

    After a brief discussion of your expectations, receive a professionally built job description

    Hard skills
    Soft skills
    Years of experience
    Specific qualifications
  3. Dedicated technical recruiter assigned

    Hire efficiently with professional team of recruiters and sources specified in technology stack

    Internal database included more than 30000 CVs
    Searching for candidates in 6+ countries
    Dedicated recruiter for every position you set
    Multiple Social networking sites
    Job boards
  4. Pre-screening

    Get brief scorecards of potentially successful candidates

    Technical competencies
    English Proficiency
    Relevant experience
    Work culture fit
    Motivation and growth ambitions
    Soft skills
  5. Technical test

    Chose the way you will check candidates’ hard skills

    Technical interview
    Send a technical test in any format
    Live coding
    Trust this step on us
  6. Professional interview

    Interview only high-rate candidates, spend time on the last stage only

    We consult you on the interview process
    We organize the meeting
    You can combine it with technical interview
  7. Job offer

    Confirm a job offer with all details and leave the document's flow for us

    Starting date
    Leaves policy
    Workstation Requirements
  8. Onboarding

    Meet a newcomer who feels exactly at the right place

    Prepared cozy workspace
    welcome pack
    Home office supplies
    Big and welcoming
    Dedicated recruiter and HR manager
    running a candidate journey
  9. Continuous support

    Discover the benefits of working with professionals who have our continuous support by their side

    Discover the benefits of working with professionals
    who have our continuous support by their side
    Retention model
    Full HR service
    Professional events and team buildings
    Tax and document flow consulting

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