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Our Process

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Service Specification

First stage is basically information exchange and discussion on your project needs. We would like to understand what specific services and engineers you are looking for, what kind of projects you are working on, and what kind of teams you are now currently working with. Follow up with lawyers’ and financiers’ consultation to approximately estimate the costs, we will have a mutual agreement on the final tasks.


Commercial Offer

After discussion and budget estimation, we will have an official agreement based on the expectation and descriptions you provided. And then let’s start finding you the right guy!


Candidates Approach

Based on the internal database we created throughout the years, we are able to reach out to the right candidates equipped with the right skills you need. Our experienced tech-recruiters will find the strongest developers in a minimized time period through all our local channels and external databases.



In prescreening stage, the candidates will be interviewed by our tech-recruiting team. Our recruiters are specializing in IT field. Their experience and specialty will allow them to test whether the candidates are professionally well-rounded for your project and whether they are equipped with good team-working skills and English communication ability.


Continuous Support

After approving our candidates, we will prepare the NDA. (Non-disclosure agreement). We provide engineers with all the hardware they need and a comfortable working environment. The tracking systems we designed will enable you to manage engineers working process. The engineers will be continuously supported by our book-keeping and law consultation services. You focus on your business development, and we cover the rest!

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