Safety & Dev Solutions Offline Hackathon


with Cyrebro and Finaro

how to make the World a safer place



Leading Cybersecurity company in Israel


A-list provider of cross-border payments

Have you ever thought that little changes could make this world safer?

When humanity started, everything was a danger, but fire saved us from tigers and cold nights. Today we have software development and fire in our hearts to change the world more!

what’s a goal?

Safety & Dev Solutions Hackathon 2022 aims to lay a foundation for the future world’s changes based on safety

The hackathon will let engineers bring their values to one of the most problematic areas of a human being by developing technological solutions


We don’t limit you in ideas how to make the world safer, but here we have some suggestions:

  • Means of resistance in a hybrid war
  • Dealing with harmful fakes
  • Gateway for safe donations
  • Preventing natural disaster losses
  • Secure digital payments
  • Children control

Responding to the Russian-Ukrainian war, we will support you widening the topic with ideas to help Ukraine, so that the world is a safe place again.

Have any ideas or a strong desire to help? Join our hackathon!


Kfir M.



25 year of experience in software development and Managing R&D departments

Nimrod Roth

R&D QA manager at FINARO


Leading 5 QA teams. 20 years of experience in the telecom and fintech industries.

Shahak Savyon

R&D Manager


8 years of development experience; Four programming languages

get rewarded!

You are not just workers in IT.

You are creators, inventors, changers!

These prizes are an instrument and inspiration for your own thing.
1 Yearly paid business support on Amazon Cloud Services

Full access for big ambitions.

...and more gifts or 3500$

2 6 months paid business account on Amazon Cloud Services

Good start for great ideas

...and other gifts or 1500$

3 Yearly paid developer support on Amazon Cloud Services.

Perfect for experimenting

...and other gifts or 500$

schedule / timing

registration period

  • 18 of July — 18 of August

first day

19 of August, Friday

  • 14:00 Check-in and confirmation of participants and guests
  • 15:00 Opening ceremony
  • 16:00 Presentation of projects’ drafts
  • 18:00 Start of projects development

second day

20 of August, Saturday

  • 16:59 Deadline for projects development
  • 17:00 — 19:00 Developers` workshop
  • 19:00 Announcement of a winner and award ceremony
  • 20:00 Closing ceremony

why apply?

join now to make the world

  • practical connections

    Meet new partners, professionals and like-minded colleagues

  • social impact

    Start changing the world and contribute to the world’s safety

  • unforgettable experience

    Share best working practices, cases, insights, and lifehacks with other developers

  • grand prize / perks and treats

    Do not miss a chance to win a gift, enjoy free drinks and snacks, and get the gift pack for all participants

  • fun time and open activities

    Have a good time with passionate people and fall in love with technologies once again

  • rare opportunities

    Take part in an unusual competition, learn about new technologies and tools, make useful relations and many others

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