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SD Solutions Built and Extended Be.Live Team in One Year


Be.Live is an Israeli product startup providing an easy-to-use live streaming experience to a non-tech audience. The product helps its users share their passion for living and with others. Be.Live is one of 15 companies with a Facebook partnership in the live streaming field. Currently, the company has 7000 paid customers, but Be.Live is constantly expanding and improving their platform.


The platform struggled to sustain services while adding capabilities like mobile apps as it grew everyday. Considering the tasks, new team members managed platform functionality, developed Youtube and Twitch features and mobile apps.


Consequently, SD Solution built a full extended team in a year, including a back-end and front-end core team, QA, UI/UX, and customer support representtaive. Furthermore, all developers and management are now in the same time zone and use the same product development approach.

What I really enjoy about our team in Kyiv is that our developers are a core part of Be.Live. We consider our remote developers as our co-workers and Kyiv as our second office. It happened because SD Solutions recruiters have this personal approach to each candidate when it comes to team building. They are genuine professionals and found a really good fit for us on a personal and professional level.” Daniel Mayer CEO of  Be.Live


Be.Live has successfully released the second version of its product, which includes a YouTube embedded plugin and a mobile application. As a result, the company’s growth reached 700 million+ viewers engaged globally, 170 million+ users only in the United States, 2 million content creators via Facebook streaming, and 6000+ paid users.

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