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The Stars Group: Setting Up Software R&D in Ukraine.


The Stars Group is a global sports betting and gaming operator with a portfolio of leading international brands and operations. They are one of the global leaders in online sports betting and gaming. Their purpose is to deliver a vibrant and safe sports betting and gaming experience to their customers around the world.


Although The Stars Group has had a great amount of success over the years working with some of the best staff, they had never attempted to expand their team with the help of an outstaffing company. So, first of all, we had to work with The Stars Group to plan and build outstaffing infrastructure. We needed to find and recruit some of the most qualified and well-known people in the field of development and engineering. And in the end, we had to take this group of highly-qualified people and create a team so that they could work together to pioneer new projects and become even greater than the sum of their parts.


We produced a secure infrastructure through which new projects and ideas could be built without any worries. Also, we sorted through the best people in their field and recruited them to be part of the hiring process. This screening involved a series of research and interviews conducted by the most qualified people. After we designed a list of suitable professionals, we organized the best possible conditions for these highly talented people to succeed on the projects of The Stars Group. They are already working together as an independent unit through the formed infrastructure.


SD Solutions was able to help the client build a remote team of elite talent to achieve great things. It was done through a rigorous process of screening and testing to find the best of the best in their respective field. The team adjusted to develop complex web applications, including architectural solutions together and as separate individuals. They became the first oustaffing team of universal professionals of the highest caliber in The Stars Group.

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