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R&D Department for Perion Group


Perion is a company with extensive experience in online cross-platform marketing. Also, the company is prominent for a wide range of services such as: data-driven online advertising and search solutions. Furthermore, Perion outstands with its creative ads served across top-tier publishers. It manages search traffic optimization, incremental revenue generation, and marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.
Last, but not least, the company provides high-quality mobile and desktop apps to consumers directly.

It looks like they need a lot of IT professionals, doesn’t it?


Previously, Perion attempted to expand their team on their own, hiring 14 people in a year and a half. The company, however, realized that they spent an excessive time for recruiting and onboarding. As a result, Prion reached out to SD Solutions. The company requested assistance in organizing and managing their R&D department.

Companies engage in R&D

to implement innovations and introduce new products and services.

The first thing SD Solutions had to do was assist Perion in finding qualified individuals who could provide the Client with excellent service. Perion is a successful and rapidly expanding B2B company. As a result, personnel must possess not only competencies, but also the ability to work in a dynamic environment.

Furgtermore, Smilebox, Perion’s daughter company, faces the second challenge. We had only two months to hire developers with various technology stacks.


SD Solutions used wide network to connect with third-party recruiters and to identify potential talented professionals. After SD the interview process, SD Solutions recruited and onboarded developers, designers, and marketers.


In just two months, SD Solutions hired 12 outstanding people. We organized the Client’s workflow, so it became easy improve the performance of Perion and its subsidiaries. Smilebox had also a successful Customer Support department.

Perion found this case useful and contacted SD Solutions again. This time, the company requested help in organizing extended teams for their other daughter companies. We have hired the necessary professionals for Paragone, and we are currently looking for Data Engineers for Undertone.

What is the nature of this case? Try the outstaffing services once and come for more!

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