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R&D Department for Perion Group


Perion is an experienced company that offers a diverse array of services to many clients across a broad spectrum, particularly in the area of online cross platform marketing. SD Solutions was very happy to build and develop extended teams for them and their subsidiaries. Firstly, Perion tried to deal with this challenging task on its own and managed to hire 14 people in 1.5 years. The client realized that time spending on recruiting and onboarding is too long and brought this issue to SD Solutions. The company asked for assistance in arranging and managing their R&D department.

Our first challenge was to assist Perion in finding capable staff that could provide them with high quality service. Since Perion is a b2b company it's important that the personnel not only be equipped with the right skills but also be able to work in a dynamic environment.

Our challenge with Smilebox, a company that is a daughter company of Perion, was to hire developers with different technology stack in a short period of time: in 2 months.

After our successful cooperation, Perion reached out to SD Solutions again. This time the company asked for assistance in arranging the extended teams for other daughter companies: MMR and Undertone.


  • We overcome these challenges through a series of steps:
  • Use our networking to connect with third party recruiters to identify potential talent that matched the needed qualifications.
  • We used our interview process to identify those best suited to the different positions that needed to be filled
  • We recruited and onboarded individuals with skills ranging from development, art and design as well as those with marketing backgrounds.


  • We were able to recruit 12 outstanding individuals in just 2 months.
  • We put them in a position to make a very positive impact for Perion and its daughter companies.
  • Currently we are building Customer Support department for Smilebox while recruiting developers for other companies.

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R&D Department for Perion Group

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