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Pepperi offers a commerce platform for consumer brands and wholesalers. As for the services, the company offers a process that is fully connected. Pepperi focuses on flexibility, mobility, and simplicity to make sure that their Clients can run their sales businesses exactly how they want.

The integrated mobile solution includes Sales Force Automation, retail execution, route accounting, and B2B eCommerce. It also works on all devices by itself. So, the platform boosts both offline and online B2B sales. When it comes to Pepperi Clients, there are over 1000 customers in over 60 countries, including beauty and cosmetics, food and drink, fashion, and FMCG. Pepperi lets customers plan, carry out, and analyze omnichannel B2B sales.


SD Solutions was tasked with creating a service engeneer department. These highly professional team members, able to update the platform according to the Client’s needs, would be in charge of communicating with B2B Clients.


We decided to search for young engineers experienced in SQL and JS and to hire a Team Lead in the Kyiv office. As a result, our decision assisted to handle all the requirements and establish smooth communication with the Clients. The Team Lead coordinated the collaboration between service engineers and Clients to ensure projects are dependencies free.


As a result, the B2B Clients enjoyed around the clock support. Furthermore, the roll-out of the product followed. Now, the platform enables users to collaborate through chat, discussion forums, blogs, and other tools. The widgets, dashboards, and interactive reports allow the Client to increase user engagement. The portal and mobile app roll-out greanted information access to stakeholders, automated service requests as well as user engagement.

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