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Flexibly scaling development for a global health mobile app


Medisafe is a globally-operating, evidence-based digital therapeutics company based in Israel. The company partners with insurers and health service providers. Medisafe manages the pateints’ medications throughout the entire healthcare lifecycle.


For starters, in 2012, Medisafe began making its mobile-first health platform with its unique pill organizer. The organizer easens up the experience of following the most complicated medication schedule. Back then, Medisafe’s development team in Israel needed to grow, but they couldn’t find the right people fast enough. So they decided to start a mixed setup with a team working remotely.


In 2017, Medisafe started scaling its development with a mobile team in Kyiv. SD Solutions helped with recruiting, onboarding, and the establishment of a great work environment to grow and maintain the team in the long run. Medisafe, together with SD Solutions, invested a lot in the team-building and alignment across all of their locations.


As a result, SD Solutions enabled Medisafe to scale from a small startup to the global health platform provider they are today. Integrated teams in Ukraine and Israel work on a platform covering over 4.5 million people around the globe. Medisafe licenses its platform to the world’s leading life and health insurance operators, becoming the number one app medication reminder.

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