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Five pieces of Finaro staffing puzzle

You may know them as Credorax, but a significant increase in production and the company’s size caused the necessity of widening and rebuilding in all respects. That’s how our client becomes a brand new Finaro! Smart acquiring service from Israel, licensed partner of Visa and Mastercard, provides cross-border banking processing for e-commerce and multichannel payments.

This genuine bank combines state-of-the-art banking technology, value-added services, and 24/7 dedicated, step-by-step personal guidance for business growth. Finaro also has many in-house products such as SourceTM – a gateway to provide a convenient and secure payment system so that merchants can realize their full business potential by simply improving their payment management.


The first challenge was finding a perfect Java Team Lead who has no boundaries in communicating with Project and Marketing Managers and other departments on the client’s side as if he or she is from Israel. It was the first time Credorax decided to hire a remote team-lead, so we aimed to show them finding the right people will ruin their hesitance about hiring managers from Ukraine.

Secondly, the company required us to attract Business Automation professionals to their products, while there are only about 130 such professionals in the Ukrainian talent pool.

Finally, we had to bring talented professionals from 5 separate areas in chorus: QA, Frontend, Backend, Java, and Business Automation Engineers.


Firstly, Finaro needed only Java Team Lead and two Senior Java Developers. It was the main task, and we put great emphasis and attention on finding the perfect candidate. We suggested 28 candidates for the team-lead position and 3 of them got an offer.

The more we worked with Finaro, the more we discovered about their company, their in-house and outsourced products, and, certainly, their needs.

During our cooperation, new positions and departments appeared, and we solved many of the missing pieces in Finaro staffing puzzle. By the period of searching the Team Lead, we found professionals in 4 other areas. Instead of dedicating a recruiter to a company, we offer them to work with a stack of technologies. This way, working on frontend positions, for instance, does not prolong finding a backend developer.


At the time of dramatic professionals’ shortage in Israel, we enabled Finaro to hire a Java team-lead who met all their expectations. Parallelly we managed to onboard exceptional talents in 5 separate spheres in half a year: QAs, Frontend and Backend developers, Java team, and Business Automation Engineer.

For SD Solutions, this case proved that our stack-sprints system allows us to use the recruitment forces most efficiently.

For Finaro, the outcome of this case is a defeating concerns of finding proficient Team Leads among Ukrainian specialists. They found this decision rather beneficial, as it’s easier to build a remote team when both a lead and developers are located in the same country.

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