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Key benefits of cooperation with talent management and acquisition partner

min read - Dec 9, 2020

Outstaffing is a business delivery model, where the provider of talent management and acquisition service takes care of recruiting staff for a client’s particular needs, along with providing equipment and overseeing operations for the client and the employees, ensuring that the staff has everything needed to deliver the quality of work expected of them from the client.

Choosing talent management and acquisition services to partner with has lots of benefits to outsource not only operational processes but also to enhance the team with skilled professionals from all over the world. For remote work to be successful, employers need to provide the right equipment and other support, which are the main things contributed by outstaffing companies. Our experienced talent acquisition experts go beyond efforts to spot local talents across multiple disciplines. And as we hire the needed candidate, we surround the new employee with care and all kinds of required support to make the working process as comfortable as possible.    

So, what are the main benefits of partnering with talent management and acquisition service? 

Reduction of operational costs

Choosing to work with a talent management and acquisition partner significantly reduces operational costs as the company not only provides recruitment services but also full support of employees, including providing needed hardware and software, 24/7 office, legal and account consultants, and other additional services of your choice.  

Wider choice of workforce

Nowadays, Ukraine maintains a good reputation internationally, being on the 20th place among the best destinations for offshore development based on the Global Services Location Index 2019, and has a huge talent pool of around 200,000 experts working in the industry, providing a wide variety of skills, and experiences.

Higher retention rates

We provide engineers with all the needed hardware and a comfortable working environment. The tracking system we use enables you to manage engineers’ activity and working processes. On top of increased productivity, when the employee is cared about, it significantly boosts retention rates. We are always glad to assist in case your employee has any specific needs.  

Increased engagement

After one month of working, we check-in to make sure that the new employee is comfortable, happy, and engaged. Also, we have one-on-one meetings with the employee every 3 months. We regularly organize post-work activities and team-building practices. It helps us to create a loyal, engaged, and outcome-focused workforce.

Insignificance of distance

We believe that flexible working practices have a positive impact on staff engagement. That is the reason why we insisted our employees have a flexible working schedule, which can be agreed upon specifically between the client and employee at the stage of interviewing or onboarding. It will help to always be in touch, no matter the place where the employee and the client are. 

More and more companies are switching to full-time remote work, 98% of employees are choosing to work distantly till the end of their career, 63% of the global workforce surveyed feel they are more productive working from home than when they were in the office. Respondents around the world are embracing working away from the office as they feel more connected to their devices than ever because the ‘office’ becomes wherever their technology is.

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